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I started dating Hot Russian Girls online a couple of years ago and I finally went to meet them for real in early September on a Romance Tour. The women I met in the Ukkraine were in fact the same women that were in the pictures and the ones that I had been chatting with on this site! It was the best experience in dating that I have ever had! That's why I decided to start a New Dating Site so that i can help you to meet and Date Hot Russian Girls too.

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Oct 28, 2012

What To Expect From This Dating Site

Probably the hardest thing for most men to believe after joining this dating site is all the invites to chat by gorgeous young ladies as soon as your you log on. I had the same doubts when I first joined Anastasia Date! It took me a long time to believe that the women in the pictures were really the ones that were wanting to chat with me! I thought that it was probably some big fat slob siting at his computer somewhere in the world saying all the right things to keep me chatting so as to burn up all of my credits. After chatting with the same lady a few times I realized that it was indeed the same person every time!

Also there's the video chat option for a lot of the ladies here. If they have a webcam your able to see that it is the same lady as in the pictures! I met a gorgeous lady within my first month in chat that I ended up communicating with for more than a year and a half without ever seeing her on video! We developed a great relationship online before I eventually went to Kharkov to meet her for real. And guess what? Yah, she was the same gorgeous lady as the pictures in her profile! As it turns out she wasn't the one I ended up falling for but that's an other story.

All the ladies on Date Hot Russian Girls have all been screened so you can rest assure that they are real and that they are the ones that your communicating with! Anastasia Date is the first and only agency to tackle the issues of internet dating fraud and anti-scam head-on!



Oct 22, 2012

Why Hot Russian Women Want to Date You .


When Men first look into dating foreign women, most of them can't believe why such gorgeous, intelligent professional women would be online looking to find a mate. Well I'm going to tell you why! Actually there are quite a few reasons why Hot Russian Women are looking abroad to find love.

Probably the biggest reason why these Hot Russian Women are looking to meet you is they're looking for the same thing as you are and that's love! They're not able to find love in they're own countries because there are 75 million Russian women and only 65 million Russian men.  A lot Single Russian Women are not even interested in dating or marrying Russian men. Western men are known to them for making good, attentive, loyal and loving husbands!

An other reason is that these Single Russian Women are looking for a better quality of life. Even though these women have professional careers it doesn't mean they have good salaries! Even doctors don't make enough to support a good standard of living! Men from places like Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and other highly developed countries can offer these Beautiful Russian Women a better quality of life!  

Oct 21, 2012

Why Are Hot Russian Girls So Hot?


In general most Eastern European Women are hot! The genetic influence from central Asia gives quite a few of them that exotic look that most men find attractive. Also there's a high percentage of blonde women which most men favour. When looked into the eyes by one of these Hot Russian blonde or brunette girls coupled with blue, grey or green eyes, it can make any man weak in the knees! It happened to me in Odessa and in my case she was an abosolutly stunning grey eyed brunette!! 

Also Beautiful Russian Women pride themselves on their appearance. They want to look hot! They go out of their way to look hot! They stay fit by going to the gym often, they stay current with fashion and they always make sure they look their best before leaving their home. If they want to attract and keep a man they'd better always look good because the competition for them is fierce! Remember there's more than 15% more Russian Women than men!


Oct 19, 2012

Winter Is The Best Time To Start Your Romance online!


With so many Single Russian Women looking to meet someone like you, winter is the best time to start your Romance Online. So what ever taste in girls you have you can find her here on Date Hot Russian Girls. With the advance search features you can narrow your search to the exact women your looking for. Let's say your preference is Dating Younger Women and you would like her to be blonde, between 26 and 30 years old, have green eyes, between 5'6" and 5'10", have no children and has never been married. Hit submit and voila! You will have a list of more than 180 profiles to look through and start your Romance Online

You can even narrow your search further, like weight range (although you won't find many overweight Single Russian Women on this site!) which city she lives in and you can even enter keywords to focus on her interests. Let's say your an outdoorsy kind of guy and you like to stay active so your looking for some Single Russian Women that has the same interests to start your Romance Online with. Just type in those keywords and you'll get the profiles of only the girls that matches those descriptions. 

Once you've narrowed your search just write them a letter of introduction or if you see that one of them is online, just type her something in the Live Chat bar. You'll be surprised that they will almost always either reply to your letter or if online they will continue to have a Live Chat or Video Chat with you! 

Or you can just sit back and let these Single Russian Women come to you! You will find quite a few letters of introduction in your inbox every day! (BTW the first letter you send to each lady and the first reply that you read is free!!) You will also get bombarded with invites to Live Chat or Video Chat so get ready for an ego boost right out of the blocks!!

The key to success in meeting the Hot Russian Woman of your dreams on this site is to make a killer profile of yourself! Be truthful and fill out all of the fields, and make sure you add some pictures of yourself too! One of the good things about Single Russian Women is that they're not hung up appearance and age differences. It's not uncommon for these Beautiful Russian Women to date and marry a man 20 to 30 years older than them! 

They're looking for love, marriage and a new life so you might as well be the one to provide it for them! So go ahead and sign up for you best chance in finding the love of your life in the body of the most beautiful woman you have ever met!